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About Us

As we progress further into the 21st century we are find ourselves more and more connected with electronics.  The fact it's hard to even go somewhere and not use a credit card to pay for services.  Where are you at with this environment? Lefthand Systems is here to assist with this. We have a vast knowledge of helping everyone understand and use technology to simplify their needs.  Having done everything from creating business forms for a small plumbing company to building out infrastructure for a 250 Million dollar global company. This is what gives us our edge.  A collaboration of groups and knowledge that allow ideas to come to light.  Engage us to help you with your goals as your partner.  You will see the difference in the solutions we suggest.


Our mission is to help individuals achieve optimal performance using state of the art tools and techniques. We believe this is not limited to software or hardware but process driven. Understanding top effectiveness comes from people who strive to succeed.


Success entails giving people the tools they need to succeed. Simplifying process and technologies for all creates a better environment for tomorrow. This is where Lefthand System strives. We are privately owned and thrive on helping people reach true potentials with teaching and mentorship.

Consulting Services

Growth Strategy

Years of helping individuals with custom solutions resulting in software development, music production, automation systems, IOT, security suites and network design. We can help you discover your needs and understand the technology you need for your project.

Strategy & Infrastructure

With 20 years of experience in understanding and interpreting Retail, Development and Manufacturing, we have you covered. Process solutions paired with infrastructure can be powerful tool. We are not here to sell you on solutions, but help you with your continued growth.

Performance Improvement

Sometimes it only takes a little teaching or documentation to excel at your expectations. Many times a review of your solutions or even training a individual on a new software package will get you to the next step.


What People Say

I had the pleasure of working both directly & indirectly with Lefthand Systems for over 2 years while I was VP of Operations at Fresh Produce. Having a small IT dept. Lefthand Systems quickly helped with a wide variety of IT network, application & systems admin as well as always help out end-users with the full range of desktop support. Lefthand Systems learned the DB structure of a critical unsupported SFA application and was later relied heavily upon to keep the same aging FoxPro DB application maintained and running.
Despite many challenges, Lefthand Systems was always there, ready willing and able to help. What I really liked about Lefthand Systems was the never-ending commitment to get things done and the fact that they cared deeply about the job and the work that they did.

Sean Sweet President Sweet Waterwear LLC

I was very impressed with Lefthand Systems business analysis and expert knowledge of EPICOR. They came into an unknown environment and was able to make recommendations to improve a client's ERP system and suggest best practices moving forward.

Bart Ranger Project Manager Lewan Technology

Lefthand Systems was a group of very hard workers and very educated in IT Infrastructure knowledge, SQL Server, Exchange. They would meet any commitment no matter what it took.

Cathy Bennett Senior Consultant Senior Consultant

Lefthand Systems exhibited a wide range of skills while building a record of outstanding performance in this role. They mastered the often overwhelming task of learning the extensive Epicor software package we use to help clients. Lefthand Systems diligence, bright minds, inquisitive nature and unwavering commitment to helping others enabled them to achieve this success. Lefthand Systems attracted a following of peers and clients who sought them out because they had been helpful to them. I have rarely seen a peer organization cultivate these types of relationships with clients during my 30 years of professional experience. Lefthand Systems is a good listener who also can convey information clearly and effectively to individuals and groups. Their common sense, research and detective skills enabled them to find solutions for clients and his peers which were not easily locatable.

Stephen Bennett Principal Consultant Bennett's ERP Solutions

Lefthand Systems is a detail oriented solutions expert! They will be up front with you about the work required and deliver results. I've never known them to fail.

Chris Squires Global Senior Manager HGST

Lefthand Systems provided the technical knowledge and support for the initial sites on our Global ERP implementation. They worked during all hours of the day and weekend to ensure we had the systems available when we needed. Using their prior experience and technical knowledge they worked to provide some out of the box solutions to meet our needs. We were able to create a good working relationship to quickly solve issues and improve performance.

Bill Nestel Director of Technology Chromalloy

I have worked side by side with Lefthand Systems on many implementations. Their work ethic, tenacity and attention to detail are second to none. On other sites where and when I needed their assistance, we would remotely connect and assist the client and myself at all hours of the day and night. I would highly recommend them.

Pam Cowan Senior Consultant/Project Manager Epicor Software

Lefthand Systems is a group of IT guys that knows how to grow a business and keep it running at a high level. They are well rounded in the field knowing ERP systems, network infrastructure, website and internet, and desktop management. Lefthand Systems is also someone that can take the complexities of the function and explain them to users and management so they can work more effectively.

Michael Lands President INO

Lefthand Systems is a very confident, capable consultant group. They take ownership of the needs and understands the obstacles and resolutions to implement cost effective solutions in a timely, professional manner.

Everett Musselman Quality Manager Universal Analyzers Inc.

Lefthand Systems is the consummate IT professional group who will work tirelessly to provide the design, development, and support that you need. They have the technical, managerial and personal skills to carry a project to a successful conclusion. I very highly recommend Lefthand Systems, and I am sure that when you engage with them you will find they are straight shooters who dedicates themselves to the challenges at hand.

Greg Weisskirk Principal Consultant NW-ERP

Lefthand Systems is one of the most dedicated and committed companies I've worked with. I collaborated closely with Lefthand Systems during some very difficult disaster recovery situations and high-pressure migrations. Lefthand Systems was able navigate through those difficult circumstances, always with determination, a resourceful approach, leading to success. Lefthand Systems always has a unique perspective and an extensive skill set to bring to the table.

Roberto Passilas Information Technology Strategist

Lefthand Systems is a highly skilled technologist with specific expertise working with ERP systems. They exhibits a tireless work ethic and welcomes the opportunity to wear multiple hats, doing whatever it takes to help his company succeed. Lefthand Systems also has the ability to think creatively and strategically, identifying potential new products/product augmentation that could lead to new revenue streams and better position for the company for future, sustained growth.

Mark Jobson Co-Founder & CMO Ajubeo

Lefthand Systems was a true asset to myself and my company during our ERP implementation. They were able to explain complex issues to me in a way that I could understand and learn how to address similar issues in the future on my own. They were an expert in ERP technical details and was a wonderful group to work with.

Sadie Peak Project Manager Precise Cast

Lefthand Systems is a phenomenally knowledgeable IT Liaison. Their technical ability to implement out-of-the-box systems in conjunction with well-designed custom solutions makes them valuable both solo and as a part of a team. In addition to the technical expertise, Lefthand Systems demonstrated the crucial ability to communicate the needs in a way that could be understood by non-technical decision-makers. I would recommend Lefthand Systems for any position requiring both technical and managerial expertise.

Brad Woodward Penetration Tester Coalfire Labs

Lefthand Systems took over lead responsibilities both for the group and for ASD's implementation of the Epicor ERP system. Lefthand Systems worked very effectively with both ASD staff and outside support contractors to complete this very involved project and was instrumental to the project's success.

Brian Curtiss CTO and co-founder ASD Inc.

I worked with Lefthand Systems for about 3 years and identified them as one of the most professional IT groups I've worked with. Lefthand Systems brings a strong background of IT support, new technology integration, program management and a great attitude, which is an asset to any organization. I would highly recommend Lefthand Systems and would embrace the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

Ben Madden Product Manager and Innovation Leader

A very knowledgeable and low key group. Lefthand Systems took on many projects through out our wholesale and retail divisions with many software implementations. Very helpful with dealing with each person on their level of understanding. There skill set is much in demand.

Peggy Raveling Credit Manager Head

Lefthand Systems brings personality and people skills to the world of IT. Its not often you can find this combination. A pleasure to work with and someone I’d recommend. They can be counted on to deliver results!

Steve Urban VP of Retail

Lefthand Systems is an excellent group of IT professionals with exceptional technical and interpersonal skills. They worked efficiently, with the ability to identifying and resolve issues quickly. Lefthand Systems is effective both in person and while working remotely. Using both technical and interpersonal skills they successfully navigated our company out of a failed ERP system implementation, identifying and resolving problems that were created by a in house predecessor. Lefthand Systems combination of technical and people skills are unique for a individual in this type of role.

Steven Smith Senior Analytical Product Market Manager

Lefthand Systems is a dedicated, hardworking and committed group who oversaw the installation of our POS systems at several of the company's stores successfully. Knowledgeable and patient, they were always available and approachable by users for any system related issue. Lefthand Systems proved to be a great resource for IT project support and is a pleasure to work with.

Maria Nash Associate Director of Production Planning Systems

Lefthand Systems is a conscientious professional organization who understand the technical environment in which they work.

Bob Amster Principal Consultant Retail Technology Group

I worked with Lefthand Systems at Fresh Produce when I was a project manager for a systems implementation project. Lefthand Systems has a strong work ethic and dedication to helping users more effectively handle their job tasks, by helping them with IT related issues. Lefthand Systems is very approachable and when presented with a problem works to find a solution in an expedient manner. Lefthand Systems is easy to relate to, and when seeking help, and never makes you feel as if your issue is unimportant or unwarranted.

Amy Anthony Director of Enterprise Data SendGrid

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